Monday, August 31, 2009

"Support...Buy READY" aug.31 finally arrived. the most highly anticipated r&b cd of 2009 has hit stores...Trey Songz READY! let's hope it sells well & markets good. I've been listening to it all day and can say the cd is GOOD ! although 80% was already on my ipod before today, it was worth buying. I mean like its the type of cd you play when you mad, happy, sad, everything & play it without skipping . my top 3 songs would have to be....
3. Invented Sex- i just love the overall song...he has drake on therr which is cool, but its not to much of a raunchy which makes it even better. the beat is nice...kinda makes you wanna dance lol although its a sex song.
2.Hollalude/ Holla If You Need Me-the slow song. i love the beat & the lyrics is nice.
1.Say Aah- my fave. trey + fabolous= good song, (just like last time of off loso's way) but yeah its a party type, deep beat with the addition of catchy lyrics.
"go girl its ya birthday, open wide i know you thirsty... say aah, aah, aah !"

much love, dee!

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