Tuesday, October 27, 2009

purple is ROYALTY.

ahh, purple is my color. . .& i love watches.
gimme' a g-shock ma! newest obession & first on o9's christmas list.


i'm not late, but my blog is.
J.Cole, Fayetville's Own, mastermind to the freshman rap game. And he's not just some guy. . .he's J.COLE! & signed with Jay, yepp Z, Mr.Empire State. Check him out though !

much love <3, dee!

Monday, September 14, 2009

mhmmm, rude much ?!

being that school just started i havent been posting lately...forgive me ! but i'll try to do one every week. this week topic is ofcourse KANYE OVERPOWERINGness! i like kanye west, but like truthfully taylor swift is the girl for love songs ! i felt like her receiving her FIRST VMA was pretty big...but a man come humiliating you infront of thousands of watchers, including fans isn't fair, at all ! i'm glad beyonce being the "diva" she is let the girl have her glory back because she really deserved it. kanye ended up givin' his award away to outkast...he was really wrong though.

much love, dee <3

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Song of the Day !!

Jay-Z feat. Pharrell - So Ambitous


go cop, its GOOD shii, ;)

much love, dee <3

That "NEW NEW"

...for the flyest fashion goto karmaloop.com, use repcode DT44303 & 20% off ! Everything from 10x deep, crooks & castle, cheap monday, betsey johnson, hellz bellz, married to the mob, + plenty more! check it out ; )...you'll be fresh, fly, & fitted.

much love, dee <3

Monday, August 31, 2009

"Support...Buy READY"

...so aug.31 finally arrived. the most highly anticipated r&b cd of 2009 has hit stores...Trey Songz READY! let's hope it sells well & markets good. I've been listening to it all day and can say the cd is GOOD ! although 80% was already on my ipod before today, it was worth buying. I mean like its the type of cd you play when you mad, happy, sad, cleaning...lol everything & play it without skipping . my top 3 songs would have to be....
3. Invented Sex- i just love the overall song...he has drake on therr which is cool, but its not to much of a raunchy which makes it even better. the beat is nice...kinda makes you wanna dance lol although its a sex song.
2.Hollalude/ Holla If You Need Me-the slow song. i love the beat & the lyrics is nice.
1.Say Aah- my fave. trey + fabolous= good song, (just like last time of off loso's way) but yeah its a party type song...cool, deep beat with the addition of catchy lyrics.
"go girl its ya birthday, open wide i know you thirsty... say aah, aah, aah !"

much love, dee!